Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Battle After

The Battle After

It was a long and a pleasant vacation until yesterday.
A smooth ride to the countryside:
The fragrance of pristine nature
Accompanied by the silence guarded by the cool breeze.
It was a holiday of peace that made the excursion so beautiful.

Tomorrow, yet again, the same battle resumes.
The love that was embraced once upon a time,
Has now become stagnant:
The passion doesn't drive through my heart anymore.
So the veins are completely parched
And the thoughts do not flow.
Paving the way for self-destruction.

Jan 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018



I don't want your rewards,
Nor your appreciations.
Don't make me a noble person.
Because you don't know me. Period!

You don't know the greatness of me.
You don't know the struggles within me.
I wish to be myself.
I want to witness the glory of I honoring myself.
So, please leave me Alone. Let me be.
Create some space; Make some room.

I have tried hard to fit in.
But I have failed; and failed miserably.
Because I was picked on my anomalies.
That's why I quit. It felt so much better!
I realized I am not born to be among people.
I have always felt better living in solitude
Than living in death by being someone else.
Now I am free. Free forever!

I know I am complicated;
Even unpredictable at times.
That doesn't mean I am insane; 
It's just that I am not always the same!
I like it that way. I am being me.
(At least I am not faking to be someone else!)
I love being in my own world, in my own way.
This world doesn't allow me to be what I am
Because I embrace the "imperfections" that made me
To be what defines me; free from being myself.

Jan 2018

Tuesday, August 1, 2017



- 1 -

Once there existed
A Great Empire -
A loyal servant to its people,
Rich with humility,
Protector of humanity,
Intolerant against injustice,
Reigned with unquestionable glory.

There was an heir to this legacy,
The blood of the Royal Family;
But an extremely vicious one -
It was of the son of the King.

Once the prince ascended the throne,
He ruled the kingdom with insanity.
He was the Emperor of cruelty,
Ruthless in every possible way
Snatching everything from his citizens.

An ominous silence haunted
In the entire Kingdom.

- 2 -

The army planned a coup
To restore peace and harmony,
And the lost glory that once existed.
But it did not have a leader
Who could stand before them
Front in the line - absolutely fearless
Who was generous to sacrifice his life
For the land of glorious history.

Soon the word was sent out
But who would have known
The prospective leader dwelled in a village nearby
The army found him sitting on a hillock
Who was huge, strong and brave!

They pumped him full with patriotic wisdom
And unfathomable courage.
It made him quickly fall in line,
He made himself an idol of a true leader,
Proclaimed himself as the new face
Of the Kingdom's bright future
And a symbol of justice.

- 3 -

The legendary war finally began
It was a battle of epic proportions
The fight for a noble cause
To end the oppressive rule
And win back the lost freedom.

At last, the war was finally won
The cruel King was overthrown and slain
Our leader was hailed as a true Hero -
The warrior who protected his comrades
While enduring a lot of pain
During the fight against the oppressors.

When he returned to his village,
He was welcomed in a chariot with a guard of honor
To signify his courage and strength.

- 4 -

A new King was instated
The kingdom lived in harmony.
But as the days became months
And months became years
The Great Leader was being forgotten.
His service to the province
Was not remembered.
His very own comrades ignored him
He wished to join the army
But he was turned down in vain.

People recollected his dark past -
A man with no family;
Unfit to be in the society
They disregarded him as
A prime example of an outcast.

- 5 -

He had ignored his friends and left the village
And joined forces against immoral rule.
Now there was no who one stood by him,
No one to commemorate his sacrifices,
No one to appreciate his hard work,
No one to thank him for saving lives.

There were a myriad of fingers pointed at him
Like thousands of arrows aimed at his heart
Only to remind him of his tainted years
Which made him regret his entire life
Alas! The empire within him, ultimately, was fallen.

Ruins Of Hampi, Karnataka
Sept 2013

Monday, June 19, 2017

Book Review: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Well, what can I say! I am at a loss of words to express the enthusiasm of reading this masterpiece. It is a nail-biting read. With this work, I believe that Arthur C. Clarke is at his best. He described all the scientific aspects with such great care and detail that I felt I was in a space ship traveling to the Moon and Saturn all along.

The story begins with retelling the history of human evolution - from man-ape to a civilized human being. It provides an intriguing perspective about "how" the it happened. Beginning with Road To Extinction towards A New Dawn. This forms the basis of history of things to come.

Arthur Clarke adores Saturn - the ringed planet of our Solar System. The way he admires this beauty is nothing short of admiring a strong willed lovely woman. It really made me wonder what an amazing planet it can be! I also remember a short story by him from the collection: Tales From Planet Earth, where he describes Saturn more beautifully.  You might want to read that also: Saturn Rising.

The greatest experiences of reading this novel is about the journey through space. It eloquently describes how amazing space travel can be and entices its readers to embark upon the journey despite its shortcomings.

One of the major themes that Clarke describes is about Artificial Intelligence (AI). HAL 9000, the artificially intelligent computer fully controls the spaceship leaving astronauts to perform other important tasks. He questions AI when HAL misbehaves. He compares HAL's misbehavior to a criminal's behavior when he tries cover up a crime by committing more crimes.
Bowman could easily believe Dr. Simonson's theory that unconscious feelings of guilt caused by his program conflicts caused HAL to break the circuit with Earth.
This raises questions about the current trend in technological advancement. Machine Learning and AI should be employed to the extent that they should only offer a helping hand to humanity; not to the extent of controlling our lives.

When I found HAL as an interesting character, I immediately browsed through the images of HAL in the film adaptation of the novel. Then I was sure that the robot Auto, from the movie WALL-E, was inspired by HAL. This was evident when I found out that WALL-E was homage to the movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien and Blade Runner. Andrew Stanton, director of WALL-E, also voiced HAL in a short film adaption.

HAL 9000 and Auto
Clarke's vivid and awe-inspiring imagination overwhelmed me near the end. The entry into the Star Gate, arrival at The Grand Central and under The Alien Sky is so fantastic that you will feel the adrenaline rush throughout the journey. He has blended fantasy and science fiction exquisitely.

If you are not used to science fiction, then I highly recommend this novel. Its an amazing read - A op class page turner (one of my fastest reads). Oh, if you are confused about the ending, I've got one word for you: Evolution. All the sequels to this novel are in my to-read list. I am picking up 2010: Odyssey Two next, as soon as my thoughts about this work that are still lingering in my head settle down.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I bought a Kindle edition of this book from a gift card. And it was long overdue being in my to-read shelf. What I really love about this novel is that it does an excellent job in manipulating the readers's mind and does it successfully. The first part of the story is a series of diary entries by the lead character, Amy Dunne. It gives a very sympathetic outlook of her. I felt very sorry for what she had been through. Honestly, it leaves your eyes in tears. And you will feel exactly opposite about her husband, Nick Dunne. In fact I got furious about him. Its the tale about the disappearance of Amy and trying to find her if she's alive. But as the second part approaches, there is a sudden change in perspectives in the way we look up to the characters. Whether its real or not, I'll leave it for you guys to decide. But the twist is overwhelmingly atrocious, cruel, disturbing and repulsive. It freezes our minds for a few moments in trying to accept this dramatic shift in the story. Then I realized - you can count on evidence, but not your thoughts.

The characters develop splendidly as the chapters progresses; thus unfolding the instincts of each of them. Apart from the central plot, the book explains how media can be exploited to turn everyone against you; to make people think what you are based on forging a public opinion and luring them to believe it without facts. Also, it talks about the family bonding. No matter what happens, your family will be there to stand by your side. This is evident by the relationship showcased between Nick and his twin sister.

The heart of story is how people pretend to be someone else in order to be accepted as perfect. Despite our shortcomings, almost all of us wear masks when we face the world outside our own. We crave for people to believe that we are nice, kind, generous, helpful, etc. But the real face unveils itself in marriage.

On the whole its an entertaining read - it plays with the mind all along. And most importantly, all the themes it describes are intertwined nicely. The episodes it presents to us are perfectly structured showcasing the discipline of the author, Gillian Flynn. I am looking forward to watching the film adaptation of this novel.

Footnote (Spoiler Alert)

The only thing I didn't like about the novel is its ending: Nick compromises with Amy. I expected a more exciting end to the story. I wanted Nick to outsmart his wife in someway or the other and send her to prison (or a mental asylum). I couldn't tolerate the height of harassment inflicted on him by her just because she wanted to be Amazing Amy to the whole world. He has to watch out for every word he utters and each step he takes every moment of his life. How could he live a life with her peacefully without a bond between their hearts? How can he choose to live with someone who plays torturous mind games with him all the time? It's like living in hell. I just couldn't agree with this.